Thursday, October 06, 2005

musicianship anybody....???

this is something that came into my mind last night. Luke Sanjay(bass/electric guitar/lead and backing vocals) and the Good Shepherd band( which changes periodically or let's say rotates their members at times) which consists of- Sheema(keys/piano/vocals), Peter(bass), Vedadas(bass) , Andrew(electric guitar), Simon(electric guitar) Sharma(backing vocals/lead vocals/keys), Ashwin(drums/perc.), Shoban(drums/perc.) Samuel(electric guitar/backing vocals), Samson(drums/lead vocals/backing vocals), Joash(drums/perc.) have impressed me a lot in their passion, skills, practices and determination to be dedicated in their skills to be equipped to serve God. I just met some of them yesterday and was having fun talking about music. Sanjay just got his new sporty look Kia Spectra(just met him last night in practice for the women's convention thing in flamengo hotel this coming friday). so at around 11.50pm here i was in the car with Sanjay and Ashwin and we were listening to some cool fusion music. Then came the big surprise!! I finally heard a song "Rescue Me" or something like that(almost completed) from Sanjay's first upcoming album. with his influences ranging from Sting to John Patitucci to Frank Gambale to Dave Weckl and their respective bands it's no wonder he more than manages to stir one's imagination in his songs with some firm groovy bass-lines and soaring leads and how can i forget that catchy chorus tune. His lyrics I can't comment much (but it certainly leaves the listener to ponder some thoughts)coz i just listened once but his vocals is clear and full which is more than good enough to spread the desired message. I can somehow see a very very very slight eric johnson tone in his singing(but he wasn't that happy about that comment...heheh) i'll just sum it up as a very defined, clear, full and a very nice quality in his voice. but what i heard from his song needs more than words to describe with nice backing vocals and synth playing from Sheema and some great drumming from Ashwin.....the musicianship was indeed high. not too high compared with world class professionals but most certainly high. looks like i need to buck up on my drums, acoustic guitar, vocals, bass and my new found love...the electric dig deeper in my understanding of music