Wednesday, May 04, 2005

what a day!!

a day that seemed like nothing turned out sort of disastrous, intriguingly strange and wonderful. It started just like any other "normal" normal day isn't that "normal" anymore..oh well..i woke up around 1.30pm today which is extremely bad, distasteful, awkward name it. i didn't even wash my face or even brush my teeth when my dad called letting me know about my current "working" situation in seremban...."working" as in i haven't even started yet, was just on trial for the previous turned out that i won't be able to work/ train under him(dr. philip ting) because his current dental lab space is fully occupied and i'll have to wait around june to start learning under him.....time is essential, but my life seems to be controlled or monopolized by people(which i choose not to name) previously...which makes me ponder to really start life anew....i've been thinking too much lately which doesn't actually make me profitable either...accomodating things and thoughts in my mind won't make me better or even feel better...i just don't know what makes me think a lot...i know i have to do something within these current few weeks if not i might just go crazy. My life as a whole or the growth of my well being seems very stagnant lately...if i'm not doing anything...might as well start drumming does fill up time but you won't really improve unless you get into a real band playing challenging and technical songs...haha....let me get back to my story of today...after the call from dad, my sister and eunice decided to go shopping at One-U for some occasion (obviously not shopping for themselves) and i declined to go after the dreadful and moody experience the day before at Mid-Valley. after they left, i was thinking of goin to leisure mall to get some PC games...haha maybe just FIFA 2005....haven't been playing games for years already....sad sad...and lunch.....yea lunch and it was already 3.30pm. i drove the car heading towards leisure mall( as usual i took the cheras hartamas way, just feel better goin this way although i'll just be skipping a traffic light) when i reached the petronas junction, the inevitable happened. u see, it was a long queue towards the traffic light so at the junction where i was in(there were no lights) the queue was sort of broken at the junction to just let vehicles in/out. so as i was approaching the junction i noticed at the breakaway point on my left was a lorry and on my right...a black mpv. the mpv was partially blocking most of my view and as i was just heading out........sccRRrEEeCChhH.....BUMP!!......the brown iswara i was in collided with a motorcycle but it was merely minor stuff. actually it was quite big la....the number plate is gone(gonna make a new one tomorrow) the bumper was literally torn up, the motorcyclist got a not so deep gash on his right foot. what i wasn't pleased about was that the doctor at the clinic nearby charged rm80 for washing the wound....not even stitching it...huh! talk about earning money...then the doc kept on saying....can claim la...i'll issue you a receipt....bla, bla, bla...i just went on to pay the doc in a mannerly way so that the motorcyclist can at least feel satisfied i paid some medical expense. after hitting a bike...the other motorcyclists on the road and bystanders will scorn at you no matter who was in the right..i can say that there was only a little percentage for me to avoid this maybe just over 5% and i can boldly say i was not fully in the wrong given the external circumstances(even the motorcyclist was riding quite fast to cut queue) either but i think in traffic laws i might as well be put to blame so i just decided to settle it with that guy ..can hear a number of people saying "bawalah dia jumpa doktor" all sorts after settling that went to klang(aftyer arranging it with my dad) to fix it up at my uncle's(bernard) workshop. uncle wasn't there but his worker was. repairing work finished at 8.20pm or so (quite fascinating la. the way he repaired it). dunno why when i get back to klang sure i'll have the craving for "lala chien " or "fried lala" in english....super weh....when eaten hot it's one of the best stuff you can eat while you're alive. the location of the stall is at the back of the now closed down (Ocean Klang supermarket). well the food was absolutely fabulous, name it! after coming back played PS for a while then watched the PSV vs. AC Milan match. i'd say the dutch team were very good all round in the last two matches in tactics, gelling, teamwork and all but sad they got kicked out on the away goals rule...To cap it all off, today was really a disastrous, intriguingly strange and wonderful day.