Friday, July 01, 2005


life.....what's the meaning of it?i really don't get it at times....i'm living at the edge right now sad to say.....distancing myself away from the world and from God.i feel so defeated.really need motivation and encouragement right now.i'm fed up of being a person with lots of self pity.I just need to start back get right down to my knees and pray and mend back my broken relationship with Him.God hates the luke-warmed which makes my heart feel so bad...well enough of self pity now. i have a hard time thinking evreyday till i'm known as mr. blur. haha. well, i'll take that as a compliment. i don't know if anyone of you sees this but i'll just type it out for fun. heheh. even as some of my friends talk to me, i will suddenly lose focus on what the person's trying to say because i'll arrive in a state of "thinking too much" practically about anything but basically about what and who's around me and of course i'll think about myself. the week-end two weeks from now's getting closer and there'll be two mini events coming up. the first will will be a music seminar conducted by Matthew Fields, son of Pastor Chris Fields and a house-warming thing that will be organized by david lee our housemate...till then....tata!


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