Friday, May 05, 2006

A day in KL

Nothing much happened within my knowledge these past few weeks with the exception of jerome taking annual leave for 10 days and leaving me alone right here in PD. haha. Sounds very odd right? As I've said over the past few months our friendship has bonded very much like super glue and we've been encouraging each other with pure brotherly love (definitely nothing identical to brokeback mountain, mind you!!). Let me rephrase that...we've been encouraging each other with pure brotherly love in Christ. As some of you might wonder what's this picture doing here right? This is how I look minus the spectacles. Haven't been comfortable for a while getting my photos taken but recently it's becoming one of my favourite past times. I'm currently trying to cut down the odds of "not so greatly taken" type of photos because I know I'm not photogenically gifted. I've recently taken notice of some of my old friends who can now take really nice pictures of themselves. I believe my sister's photogenic too in a way even though she refuses to acknowledge it. Here are the stats...Last time I believe the odds on me getting a nice picture would be 3/10(three ok pics out of ten). Now, the odds are better for me i guess. Now it should be around 6/11 and i'm trying to get maybe a 15/20 to 18/20....yeah that would be great! Hope that i'm not promoting any sort of vanity here......hahaha.....I've been previously been a slave to vanity for far too long. I believe i'm not a slave of it any more but rather taking it in my stride with whatever God has given me. I'm just getting excited about myself in a healthy way and trying to get comfortable with my appearance. For as long as grooming is concerned.....Isaac Ng Chu Oon is definitely a late bloomer! A constant reminder would be that God doesn't look much on what is on the outside but on what matter's in the heart. Are we glorifying Him? Are we portraying what we believe in the right perspective? Are we living our lives right with God?Grooming on the inside is an extremely tough and challenging thing to do on a daily basis. On the outside we do things for our own satisfaction with people's view in mind but on the inside it's always between us and God.

I would like to introduce you guys to Mr. Jerome Liew. A tall and stout guy (he'll kill me if he sees this so everyone who knows him just....sSsShHhH!..ok?) He knows almost all of the problems I'm facing right now and more importantly he's a great friend although sometimes(now it's becoming more like all times not some...heheh) he ditches me for his gf. But you know la if a guy has a gf....priorities shift. I'm happy for him and hopes his relationship will be a successful one no matter what the outcome. . So, i'll concentrate on what matters most now, get through my studies and start a career(serving God full-time still remains to be seen). I have to be able to take care of myself and the people who are currently around me before I shoulder the responsibility of caring for someone I truly care about...right? God knows best! In the meantime I want to let all the female friends I know that..I care for you in a way that a brother does. Anything that I've done wrong in the past, please forgive me and I hope to serve you gals better in any way I possibly can with the love of Christ...I've been crapping a lot right now so I better start with what happened today.

What actually happened today was quite fun. Our family Klang to send the church's computer to Comm. Victor Vasu for repair because of a power problem. After that, I went to see Dr. Ma for a medical and we had bah kut teh for lunch. Then we headed off to IKEA in sri damansara then we proceeded to Mid Valley to collect something- this "something" can only be revealed by my sis. Well, here comes the interesting part. Boy.. was I in for a treat! Will let you guys know in the next post. Tiredness sets in .. .. .. .. .. ..


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