Tuesday, March 22, 2005

one of the lowest points in my drumming years...sigh!

haha.....the concert last week in survivor 2 was such fun considering that i was playing like a young primary school kid with a few months drumming experience!....barely had enough time to setup the drums more precisely which i definitely regret...haha....i AM a fussy person but in the end if i did set up to my personal preferences....the rewards can be all the more generous!...which means i'll be able to play better ....firmer timing and all....but what happened to me at the day of the survivor 2 event last week was disastrous....didn't feel well in the afternoon until around 4pm when we reached there in palm springs, i surpisingly felt much better....was exhausted the day before...haha...i knew i shouldn't be exhausted just a night before the real thing! was in seremban from 2pm to 11pm...how much more tiring can it be? on saturday night(2 nights before survivor2), barely had enough rest just around 4 hours of sleep so it carried on till the next day...and then till monday...u can say i was pretty flat-out on tuesday...just so tired to do anything...so when i was playing on monday night(survivor2 concert)...everything came out like crap....good leonard and the presence of God was there (which i hope did save the embarrassment a litle bit...heheh..)if not for leonard's vocals the whole concert would be just total crap technically (not spiritually ler...). it was pretty messy, i myself couldn't gel with the band, the tempo and timing was all over the place there were only 3 "tracks" that i was just ok with but not very pleased. i got this conclusion after an evaluation by tape from michael today. they are "anthem"(the tempo still kept getting faster and rushing in almost each bar,occasional lags and slow tempo too), "drum solo"( forgot to do triplets, literally no time to set up the dbl bass pedal let alone the whole setup. well, it was a nice musical solo, occasional vinnie c off beat stuff very free hand style....but nothing great or spectacular and again......tempo problem!) and "come to praise" (nice...but again there was the tempo and me rushing again...argh!! :) ...) so that was literally the whole thing....was so tired after that...but good in a way i'll have lots of room for improvement....no comments about the other vocals besides leonard...haha....just have nothing else to say.and yay!!a big YAY!!.....me dad just bought me a pearl export red wine fusion kit, she's just gorgeous!...i know it can sound kinda big once mic-ed up and some eq-ing....thanks dad!!....now just have to get a throne...and once i work....get some AAX hats and a ride(maybe an alchemy pro ride)...haha...this collection can never end!will post up the pics of my whole range of equipment real soon...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

one of the best moments in my drumming years!

hahaha....yah it was sunday.....it started out very ordinarily...the same people played musical instruments in the sunday service as usual with the exception of Uncle Charles Oh....haha....and my "once upon a time" drum teacher played above his average playing.....what a surprise!....still have errors but it's more countable compared to his average drumming....the pianist played much better than her average too(feel bad la criticizing ppl. actually, i don't really care..hehe)....hmm....seems strange but i think i know the cause....it's Uncle Charles!!...they all once networked together with him so i think he has a certain amount of confidence in them i guess (it works both ways, but nevertheless for the better)..he shared with us about offering our lives to Christ and live our life ultimately for God. had a nice lunch with Uncle Charles and family ....the food was also above average i guess...hmm....dunno y...well, it's the first time i talked to adeline after a very, very long time in a very short period of time,i think it was just under a minute......haha..she was doing the background vocals in APYAC 2003(wasn't sure until michael lewis let me know) which was the "mini conversation" starter...after that i reached seremban unbelievably 5 minutes earlier than the practice session..and the moment came when half way through the practice everyone asked me to do the solo i was supposed to do and i made quite a major breakthrough with my pearl eliminator double pedals....i started doing double bass drum work at the climax of the solo....even though my timing clearly slacked but i was happy with the achievement that i made with the eliminator...i couldn't imagine myself doing it before..so here comes another week...hopefully i'l do better...and to all of the YAN9 band mates....thank you! well, today's a thursday and nothing happened much between sunday till now with the exception of a couple of meets with my dentist and a visit to mike lewis's house...argh!!...am now itching for a hair cut....hopefully can get it done by saturday.